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Location: Maharashtra, India
From: 2018/11/02 18:00
To: 2018/10/29 19:00
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Crossword Bookstores launches Oxford scholar’s bestselling book fluid


Oxford scholar Ashish Jaiswal’s book fluid,  emerged as #1 bestseller in educational philosophy on Amazon, within one week of its pre-order. Hailed as a revolutionary book by scholars from Harvard, Yale, and Oxford, one of the key premises of fluid is that failure, faltering and being uncertain in disciplinary choices is actually not a flaw but a stepping stone to achieving bigger success.

Published by Wisdom Tree, fluid builds its research around the work of geniuses from diverse fields and weaves the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, CV Raman, Steve Jobs, Charles Darwin into its narrative.

Learners across disciplines can get an insight into how groundbreaking ideas and innovations are achieved, through fluid, which could well be to learning what Sapiens by Yuval Harari is to history. Incidentally, like Harari, Ashish Jaiswal too has a DPhil (higher education) from the University of Oxford. 

About the Author

Ashish Jaiswal is currently a fellow at the Oxford Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies, UK. His debut book True Dummy and his previous book How to Reform a Business School, have been well-received internationally. Ashish has spoken around the world on the new age reforms required in our learning and thinking in the light of mega changes currently being witnessed in technology, markets, and human behavior. He is the founder of iHER (India for Higher Education Reforms), a community platform with over 100,000 students, educationists and policymakers with the aim to discuss transformative ideas on education


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