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Get Funded - Accelerated Path to Investor Funds

Location: Andhra Pradesh, India
From: 2018/11/10 9:45
To: 2018/11/10 13:00
Posted by: Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Tickets - Prices from: $1000.00

‘GET FUNDED’ is an exclusive face-to-face Program designed by boutique strategy & people consulting company Natio Cultus for the Indian Entrepreneur faced with the brutal world of funding. It is a powerful program with real world insights that will save you years of wandering and empower you with the confidence based on a foundation of knowledge; to seek the right investors for your business. This workshop has been rolled out under the Bekraf program of the Government of Indonesia, across 20 cities in Indonesia.


This program helps business owners understand the dynamics of the financial markets. This is essential to scale up any existing business or for starting one. The program is a hands on practical guide that will answer all your questions on How to get Funded, Who to go to, When to go, Where to go and more importantly, How to prepare. In short it is a powerful program enabling you to focus on your business, your pitch and developing the right capital raising strategy with real world insights.


Take Aways from the Workshop :


• Understanding the World of Funding and learning how to prepare oneself and the business for funding.
• Getting the Valuation and Investor Play right
• Validating your business idea from an investors perspective & create the roadmap for your own funding.
• Identifying a value proposition & learn how to assess an opportunity and narrow down on a core value proposition that meets an identified market need.
• Pitching to investors/funders – Participants will learn how to present a strong investment pitch to a diverse audience & the Do’s & Don’ts while pitching
• Understand the terms your target group of investors is likely to ask for and why, appropriate engagement with them, ideal timing & soft side to exploit
• Learn from experts how to overcome the challenges experienced or perceived in this tough journey of entrepreneurship
• Figure out different modes of funding available and answer questions like ‘when’, ‘how much’, ‘from whom’ to raise, including friends & family.
• Preparing investment/funding case that combines a realistic implementation plan with a strong value proposition to the investor. Learn how to structure a company for seed, angel and venture capital investment
• Essentials of Share Holding, other Equity Agreements, and Founder Agreements
• Get to Network with other successful entrepreneurs & develop connections for any further collaboration

Get Funded - Accelerated Path to Investor Funds


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Get Funded - Accelerated Path to Investor Funds
‘GET FUNDED’ is an exclusive face-to-face Program designed by boutique ...