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IFAH Conference

Location: Nevada, USA
From: 2021/06/23 8:00
To: 2021/06/25 18:00

Prism Events presents IFAH conference, one of the world's top real healthcare conferences. It recognizes contributions of various thought leaders and provides a unique platform to  entrepreneurs, innovators, and other experts, for networking and knowledge sharing. 
Aaron Blight
Aaron M Huey
Aaron Stapleton
Abhit Singh
Alex Stavros
Alexander Koshevatsky
Amanda Lucas
Angela Johnson
Anupam K. Bedi
Bhavik Vyas
Bradford Diephuis
Brian Hazelgren
Bruce Huici
Dallin A. Larsen
Damien Ross
David Dalton
Dimple Parmar
Dr. Amish Purohit
Dr. Bulland Zaman and many more

Exhibitor: 10+

IFAH Conference

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