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Wealthy Millennial

From: 2019/11/17 10:00
To: 2019/11/17 14:00
Posted by: Ercess Inc.
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Taking care of your present experiences and future asset creation. As millennials, you are infamous for your experiential spending and are often stereotyped as entitled and unprepared for the real world. In reality, you are the most educated lot with at least a bachelor's degree. You have good paying jobs, are focussed and very ambitious about building your wealth fast, retiring early or doing something where your heart truly lies.
All of this and much more is possible if you start investing TODAY. You may think that you don’t have any savings to start investing and you must wait to build a corpus. This attitude of waiting to create base wealth to invest will make you miss your chance of wealth creation. Don’t wait for too much to realize that if you would have started investing earlier you would have been a wealthier person today.

Address the following questions

1) Is it too early to start investing? When should I exactly start managing my money?
2) I don’t have any savings, what is the point of knowing about investments?
3) Should I keep renting or own a house one day?
4) How should I get rid of my credit card debt?
5) Should I take a personal loan to travel?
6) Where should I invest to achieve short term goals?

1. Wealth Cafe's Goal Planner- Road Map worth INR 499 absolutely free.
2. Wealth Cafe Activity Workbook during the Workshop
3. Know your 'Risk Profile' Activity.
4. Start your Investment tool-kit
5. 12 Week Actionable Emails for your personal finance.
6. Snacks & Coffee is included

Agenda of the Webinar

  • How do you manage your money?
  • Credit Cards - Lets ace it.
  • A smart way to manage your cash flows.
  • Types of Asset Classes & Mutual Funds
  • Understanding Risk & Return
  • Know your Risk Profile and how should you Invest.
  • The Miracle of Compounding
  • Charting out a 'BORING ACTIONABLE PLAN'
  • Tax Implications of your Investments.
  • Term Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Nominations & Will Writing
  • SIP-M of Money by Wealth Cafe'

    Location: Doolally Taproom Khar, Road Number 3, Ram Krishna Nagar,Khar, Khar West, Mumbai Suburban,Maharashtra,Mumbai,400052

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